Senior Investigator Robert Muller

Badge of Honor is awarded to Senior Criminal Investigator Robert Muller


Senior Criminal Investigator Robert Muller has been a vital member of the District Attorney's Office for almost 25 years.  Hired by DA Sol Greenberg in 1988, Inv. Muller has worked on thousands of cases throughout his career.  His role as a criminal investigator is essential to the daily tasks associated with case prosecution, as well as the critical coordinate between multiple law enforcement agencies and the Office.  But many who have worked with Bobby will says that it is his dedication and commitment to arson investigations that set him apart from the rest.  Bobby has received over 30 recognition awards in his career for his role as a fire investigator, including the prestigious Fire Investigator of the Year Award two times.  It has been noted many times through agencies that work with Bobby that "he doesn't just get the job done, he gets the job done well."

Through his role as a certified fire and arson investigator by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, Bobby has attended hundreds of course hours regarding fire, arson, and explosives tactical training, and has been called upon by local, State, and Federal investigators in the development of literally thousands of criminal cases.  Bobby sits on the panel of several "Cause and Origin" Taskforces, and is often called to speak and teach at trainings and offer his expertise on evidence collection, scene assessments, and interviewing techniques.

Bobby began his service career in the Marines, where he was a decorated Vietnam Veteran.  He then was an officer for the Altamont Police Department, where he led the mounted division.  Bobby was the first police officer mounted on a horse to pull someone over and make an arrest for driving while intoxicated.  Bobby departed the Altamont Police Department and started working at the District Attorney’s Office, where his years of service included thousands of cases and investigations, in addition to numerous recognition awards and collaborations with agencies throughout the Capital District.

We sincerely wish Bobby well in his many years of retirement and will truly miss his presence in the office.  




  Senior Investigator Muller leading an investigation



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  10. Bobby Muller
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