Investigator Charles Tanner and Investigator James J. Gerace Sr.

The Badge of Honor is awarded to two standout investigators who are equally committed to fighting counterfeit crimes in Albany County



District Attorney P. David Soares has recognized two local police officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to address counterfeit crimes with this month's 'Badge of Honor' award.  Investigator Charles Tanner of the Guilderland Police Department and Investigator James Gerace Sr. from the Colonie Police Department each received the DA’s Badge of Honor Award in recognition of their work on local investigations and arrests of counterfeit perpetrators.

DA Soares has issued an alert to the local public to be aware of the potential for identity theft and counterfeit currency as the holiday shopping season kicks off. There has been a significant increase in counterfeit activity in the area over the past few years.  Counterfeit groups are exploiting the easy access to highways and the multitude of area retailers to exchange phony dollars for merchandise and gift cards, and then they quickly flee the area unless apprehended.

We are also seeing instances of identity theft – where criminals access bank accounts and either use victims’ accounts electronically to order items online, or even generate fake credit cards linked to legitimate bank accounts to be used for in-store purchases.

“As we enter the biggest shopping season of the year, I urge local retailers, businesses, and financial institutions to be vigilant in their transactions with cash currency.  We see an increase in counterfeit activity around the holiday season, and retailers are on the front lines of detecting and stopping the passing of fraudulent currency,” said DA Soares.  “I also urge all citizens to check their bank accounts frequently and immediately report any suspicious activity to their banking institution and law enforcement.  Detection and reporting are essential in responding to identity theft and from stopping phony bills and credit cards from being passed around the Capital District this season.  I also recognize and salute members of law enforcement who work on these crimes, especially Investigator Tanner and Investigator Gerace, who have helped keep Albany County a safe place to work and live,” said DA Soares.

Both Investigator Tanner and Investigator Gerace have brought counterfeit crimes cases to the DA's Office Financial Crimes Unit for prosecution, and for their commitment to public safety, the deserve 'The Badge of Honor.'