Brad Shear

This Badge of Honor is awarded to Brad Shear


In August 2013 we award the "Badge of Honor" to Brad Shear, Executive Director of the Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society.  

Brad has been a lifelong advocate for animals, working in animal rescue shelters in Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Boulder Colorado.  In 2008 Brad moved to the Capital District and has been with the Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society since that time.  

Brad has a very popular blog that he updates on the Times Union website that covers topics important to the well being of pets and animals.  In a 2010 blog post Shear wrote: “For me the Capital Region has the perfect balance of city, suburb and country with people who (very importantly) love their pets” and “finding our orphaned animals new homes is what is most important to me.”

In addition to his blog on the Times Union website, Brad routinely and effectively uses social media in order to raise awareness about the well being of pets and animals and inform communities in the Capital Region of the dozens of deserving animals and pets who are in need of loving homes.

Brad plays a vital role on the Albany County District Attorney’s Office Animal Abuse Taskforce and has provided the DA’s office with valuable insight and knowledge, as well as educate the public on tell-tale signs of animal abuse.

Brad is committed to addressing the issue of homeless pets and animals, and also the tragic realities of animal abuse and neglect.

Brad Shear is a true professional who has dedicated his career to improve the lives of animals, and for that he deserves "The Badge of Honor."