Christine Zappone-Lenaghan

This Badge of Honor is awarded to Christine Zappone-Lenaghan


In March 2013 we award the "Badge of Honor" to Christine Zappone-Lenaghan, director of the Albany County Child Advocacy Center. 

In her position, Christine oversees staff from the Department of Children, Youth, and Families as they respond to child abuse investigations.  The Child Advocacy Center opened in June 2010 as a place where law enforcement and social services could conduct interviews and meet with families in a safe, professional environment.  Before the center opened, families would sometimes have to go to police stations or court houses to take part in these interviews, an experience that often placed additional stress on children involved in the process.  Having the Center open as a place where families could address these issues while maintaining privacy has been an asset to law enforcement and taken some of the stress away from the interview process for children and their families.

Christine has worked for Albany County Department of Children youth and Families, formerly known as Child Protective Services, since 1989.  Throughout the years she has been working for Albany County, Christine has served literally thousands of families.  Her staff and peers constantly look to her for guidance and support as a leader. 

Christine‚Äôs knowledge and experience are an asset to the Multi-disciplinary Team that she oversees at the Child Advocacy Center.  Christine works tirelessly to support the work of the team, and plays a vital role in connecting all of the service agents that play a part in the child forensic interviewing process.  For Christine, getting the word out about preventing child injury and abuse before they happen, is just as important as teaching her staff how to respond with the best practices after an event has occurred.    

Christine Zappone-Lenaghan is a true professional who is dedicated to serving the youth of Albany County, and for that she deserves "The Badge of Honor."




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