Cindy Forte

This Badge of Honor is awarded to Cindy Forte, Albany County R.A.D. Team Coordinator



This month we award the "Badge of Honor" to Cindy Forte, lead instructor and coordinator of Albany County's Rape Aggression Defense Team (R..A.D.)  As part of her duties, Cindy is responsible for teaching self-defense techniques to women of all ages, from high school seniors to women in their 80's. In addition to group self-defense classes, Cindy also coordinates and leads instructor trainings in the area.

In the three years Cindy has been a certified instructor she has seen what dramatic effects this program can have on women, and how these self-defense classes can change a woman's mental set to include personal safety awareness every day.  When we asked Cindy what made her want to do this job she recalled how she loves this work with her heart and soul because she has seen how it can transform a person.

Cindy became an instructor after taking a R.A.D. course taught by her husband, a retired Guilderland Police Officer.   Cindy is a mother of three children and also works in the security office on the College of St. Rose campus.

Cindy Forte is committed to promoting crime prevention and personal safety in Albany County, and for that she deserves “The Badge of Honor.”


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