Ed Frank

This Badge of Honor is awarded to Ed Frank, Director of Choices 301


December has been designated National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Every year, far too many people lose a loved one because of a choice that someone makes to drive impaired. 

This month we award the "Badge of Honor" to Ed Frank, an individual who works tirelessly to get the word out about safe driving choices.  In his mission at Choices 301, Ed helps the community understand that we all have the power to prevent injuries and deaths which can and do result from one poor choice or bad decision.  Ed and his wife Shirley Frank opened the Beacon of Hope Care Center in Altamont, which houses some of the most moving displays and images to remind us all that our choices really do have an impact on others. Ed is a vital member of Albany County STOP DWI, and also serves as an integral role on many other panels and awareness groups.  

Ed Frank is committed to preventing speed, drinking, and drug related crashes in Albany County, and for that he deserves “The Badge of Honor.”

  1. Shoe Display
  2. Missle Mobile at Beacon of Hope Center
  3. DWI Coffin Display
  4. Missle Mobile
  5. Not Everyone Dies in a DWI Crash
  6. It Can't Happen to Me
  7. Don't Hesitate Sign
  8. How many hearts...
  9. Ed Frank at Press Conference
  10. Don't Hesitate to Designate
  11. Crash Data Breakdown
  12. How many tears...
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