Karen Ziegler

This Badge of Honor is awarded to the Albany County Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center

Director Karen Ziegler



This month, in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness, we wanted to highlight a community member that goes above and beyond in the support of crime victims.  No one deserves that honor more than Karen Ziegler.  Karen has been an employee of Albany County for almost 20 years.  She began her career with the county at the Mental Health Department, where she specialized in working with clients that have dealt with trauma.  In 2006 she was appointed as Director of the Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center.  She can always be seen collaborating with other service providers and as the co-chair of the New York State Crime Victims Coalition. 

Karen oversees the staff at the Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center and provides leadership to local court victim advocates, mental health counselors, and dedicated employees that support victims of crime every day.   Karen is an ally and mentor to the staff at the DA’s office, and she is seen as an invaluable part of the fight for justice.  Every year when the budget sees an easy cut, Karen is there to advocate for crime victims and she does not rest until the funding is resolved.  Whether it be through grant initiatives or lobbying for her staff, she tirelessly fights so that crime victims have somewhere to go for help.  Karen is truly dedicated to crime victims in Albany County, and for that she deserves “The Badge of Honor”