Renee Zirpolo Merges

This Badge of Honor is awarded to Renee Zirpolo Merges


In June 2013 we award the "Badge of Honor" to Renee Merges, a longtime Assistant District Attorney with the Albany County District Attorney’s Office.  

Renee started her career with the District Attorney’s Office over 31 years ago.  As a young adult, Renee began an internship with the office before she began her law school education.  While attending law school, Renee returned to the office as a Law Clerk, and eventually was hired permanently by the Office in 1983 as a Legal Aide.  Renee then began her career as a prosecutor, and has since handled thousands of cases throughout Albany County.

Renee garnered the esteem of her colleagues for her first 16 years working on a felony court caseload, and from 1993 to 1999 Renee headed the Major Crimes Unit of the office.  In those years Renee prosecuted many notable cases, including several homicides and violent crimes.  In these years Renee also became the liaison to the internship program with Albany Law School.  In this capacity, Renee has mentored hundreds of young lawyers.  Currently, 22 out of the 35 Assistant District Attorney’s in the office have completed this internship program under her supervision.

Renee’s colleagues recall her as an unparalleled mentor and a champion for the cause of justice.  Renee was looked upon as someone that was always ready to offer help and assistance, and was unequaled when it came to preparing cases for trial.  She often mentored new felony assistants and guided them through the often overwhelming world of a prosecutor.  Renee also launched and supervised the Legal Lives program, which still runs to this day as a way for local youth to learn about the legal system and the importance of life choices.

In the year 2000 Renee took over seven of the local courts in Albany County, and has since continued to represent the office in many communities as the lead prosecutor in these courts.  

In her esteemed career, Renee has received special recognition from fellow law enforcement agencies, including the New York State Police, and will be dearly missed by her colleagues as she enters retirement.

Renee Merges is a true professional who dedicated her entire career to serving the people of Albany County, and for that she deserves "The Badge of Honor."

  1. Farewell Cake
  2. DA Soares and Renee Merges
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