Strategies to Combat Street Crimes

There are several strategic elements in order to coordinate the prosecution of these related crimes:

  • Streamline the prosecution process through the use of SCI's to free up important resources and time for investigations of major drug distributors
  • Refer appropriate cases to Alternative Sentencing Programs such as the Community Accountability Board.
  • Utilize Operation Speeding Bullet to expedite the processing of all gun related crimes. ADAs are instructed to oppose bail for all gun related crimes and to ensure that all cases involving guns get processed rapidly.
  • Investigate major drug dealers and distributors aggressively. Instead of focusing only on street corner drug sales, this office is working with local, state, and federal law enforcement to conduct long-term investigations of major dealers and distributors using wiretaps, controlled buys, confidential informants and search warrants to build cases against those drug king pins who carefully hide behind younger gang members whose job it is to take the rap and serve the time for their bosses.
  • Assist federal agencies under  RICO statutes to hold gang members accountable for the crimes of their fellow members. Use the principle of "collective accountability" to take entire gangs off the streets.
  • Use mapping and advanced prosecution software to establish links and relationships between gang members, drug dealers, suppliers, and gun merchants to target crack houses and criminal enterprises. By collaborating with GIVE funded programs such as the technology mapping available at the Albany County Crime Analysis Center, the unit is able to engage in street level targeting of drug houses and "hot spots" that receive the most calls for police service.
  • Coordinate the efforts of all public agencies in the fight against gangs, drugs, and guns. This would include Social Services, Housing, Probation, and Parole to fight the drug infrastructure. In recent cases, this office has found that drug dealers hide behind friends and relatives to rent housing, apply for food stamps and transport drugs.
  • Work with landlords to evict dealers. "The Narcotics Eviction Program" is designed to provide landlords with the tools and training to eliminate drug dealing from their properties. When landlords are unsuccessful in dealing with problem tenants, we will seek evictions at locations where illegal activities have occurred.
  • Fight gang recruitment efforts by launching a series of preventative efforts to provide alternatives for youth. Under the umbrella of the ENOUGH program, office supported initiatives like "Conviction" and "NYPUM" focus on building solid foundations for area youth as an alternative to engaging in criminal activity. Visit our Initiatives page here.



Evidence seized during drug raid