The Albany Crime Analysis Center

The Albany Crime Analysis Center (ACAC) is one of four Centers in upstate NY located in the four cities and counties with the greatest number of incidents of Part I Crime, outside of New York City--Albany, Buffalo (Erie), Rochester (Monroe) and Syracuse (Onondaga). The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), in cooperation with the Albany Police Department, the Albany County Sheriff's Office, the Albany County District Attorney, the Albany County Probation Department, and the New York State Police built the Center upon the success of Operation IMPACT; using data that was compiled until 2014 for the state’s crime-fighting program that targets 17 counties with the most crime outside NYC.

The Crime Analysis Centers key philosophies are;
--the accurate use of timely crime data
--support of intelligence-led policing
--the use of technology to share data
--to complement and enhance crime-fighting strategies
--to supply services to all law enforcement agencies in the area in their efforts to reduce crime within their respective communities.

The ACAC is staffed with crime analysts along with sworn members of the Albany Police Department, Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Albany County Probation Department and the New York State Police. The Center provides real-time analysis, criminal intelligence and other relevant information to enhance the capacity of law enforcement within the Capital District to reduce Part I Crime within their respective communities.

Intelligence based policing efforts under the Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) initiative are funded through the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services. DCJS has been nationally recognized for using technology to enhance public safety.