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$17,000 Donated for 2017 Gifts for Guns Gun Buy Back Program

Albany County District Attorney David Soares



Building Hope Community Event

  November 21, 2017







ALBANY – Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares today announced that due to the corporate responsibility shown by St. Peter’s Health Care Partners, the 2017 Gifts for Guns Buy Back Program is on track to take more guns out of our communities than ever before. St. Peter’s Hospital and Albany Memorial Hospital CEO Virginia Golden joins past year donors, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple and the Capital Gun Group, to exchange illegal guns for gift cards to ensure a healthier and safer community.

“Illegal guns have no place in our community. That is why we are proud to support this year’s Gifts for Guns program, led by the Albany County District Attorney,” commented St. Peter’s Hospital and Albany Memorial Hospital CEO Virginia Golden “Every illegal gun removed from the Capital Region represents a step forward in reducing the potential for gun violence in our community. We want to make sure we are doing our part to help realize this vision of a community without illegal guns. We also hope our involvement and support will inspire other organizations and businesses to get involved, and get their employees involved.”

“The compassion and desire for healthier communities displayed by St. Peter’s Health Partners, the Sheriff and Capital Gun Group should be a call to action for others looking to make a difference. As we have witnessed over and over again in our country, no one is immune from gun violence. However, when we all stand together to remove these illegal guns from our communities, we are all are doing our part to prevent these tragedies from occurring,” commented DA Soares.

On May 29, 2008, a young girl named Kathina Thomas was shot and killed by a bullet intended for someone else. From that tragedy, the Office of the Albany County District Attorney partnered with Pastor Charlie Muller to create the ENOUGH Gun Buy Back program.

Through the addition of new partners, more than 650 guns have been removed from our streets and this year, donations are the highest they have ever been. St. Peter’s Health Partners has donated $10,000, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple has donated $4,000 and the Capital Gun Group has contributed $3,000. These donations will remove 125 guns from the streets of Albany and Troy.

Starting on December 1, individuals in Albany County looking to exchange illegal guns for $150 Crossgates Mall gift cards can reach out to Pastor Charlie Muller at 519-434-6100.

As a direct result of donations received from St. Peter’s Health Partner in Troy, individuals in Rensselaer County can visit the Victorious Life Church at 1838 5th Avenue, on the first four Saturdays of December from 10 AM to 2 PM to exchange illegal guns.

For more information please call Heather Streeter Orth at (518) 275-4704.