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Statement from District Attorney David Soares Regarding Protests

Albany County District Attorney David Soares



Press Release

April 22, 2020



   Statement from District Attorney 

David Soares Regarding Protests

ALBANY, NY - During this catastrophic pandemic it is imperative that our front line health care professionals, first responders, and essential workforce members be kept safe and protected. They are truly saving lives and aiding in our ability to continue operating as a healthy and peaceful society.

It is my understanding that protests are planned to disrupt traffic around the State Capitol. I am urging people to please not severely impede the ability of first responders to travel on roadways that connect to local hospitals and health care facilities. These roadways also take our essential nurses, doctors, and family members to and from work.

As you know, my posture as District Attorney has been receptive of peaceful protests around the State Capitol, as long as there is no damage caused to property, or injuries caused to law enforcement. My stance to decline prosecution of those arrested during the “Occupy” movement was argued at the State’s highest Court, and was decided to be well within the discretion of a prosecutor. 

I am hopeful that any protests will remain peaceful, and that all participants will follow social distancing guidelines (based on science) to protect fellow citizens who are also exercising their first amendment rights.

 Click Here for CDC Social Distancing Guidelines

For more information please contact Cecilia Walsh at (518) 275-4710 or [email protected]