A Message From District Attorney David Soares...

I'd like to welcome you to the new official website of the Albany County District Attorney's Office and the first edition of our Rap Sheet Newsletter. The development of this website has been an ongoing project for our staff as they assisted in the many prosecutions our office handled over the past year. I invite you to explore the many ways my colleagues and I are working to make Albany County a safer place every day. In the courtroom and in the community, we're fighting crime and building hope for a brighter future in our communities.




Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.)


Seniors in Albany County enjoy the personal benefits of a relationship with law enforcement called Seniors And Law enforcement Together. Seniors are among the most vulnerable members of our community and also belong to a class of victims that rarely report abuse and other crimes. Recognizing that a primary reason for not reporting crime is the intimidation and process of the criminal justice system, SALT was created to eliminate these concerns. When a case involves a senior victim, investigators, crime victim advocates, and prosecutors travel to the home of the senior to conduct interviews. By delivering this specialized level of service, victims can report crimes earlier in the process, better information can be obtained, and the odds of attaining convictions can  improve.


June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. In keeping with the mission of our S.A.L.T initiative, my Office would like to commend all of the brave seniors who have helped us in the pursuit of justice. Earlier this year, my good friend Florence Enides, a 90-year-old woman from Albany who was robbed at knife-point, worked with our S.A.L.T. team to ultimately land her attacker in State Prison for 11 years.



S.A.L.T. also worked to bring justice for several residents of the Ohav Shalom senior housing apartment building on Krumkill Road in Albany. In the summer of 2011, Ronnie Barnes worked as a maintenance worker in their apartment building. He befriended the seniors and they trusted him. He began stealing from the elderly residents who lived there until he was caught in the middle of one of his burglaries and his activities were reported to the authorities. His victims ranged in age from 64 to 96 years old. Mr. Barnes betrayed the trust and confidence of the people he was supposed to serve. In the end, it was the people he thought he could fool who held him accountable. For his actions, Mr. Barnes is serving a sentence of 11 years in State Prison.



Inspired by the devastating shooting death of 10-year-old Kathina Thomas in 2008, ENOUGH endorses programs that remove weapons and violent criminals from the streets and prevent our youth from succumbing to violent street culture. ENOUGH sponsors teams like Nanny's Double Dutch League, who traveled to Japan in March to compete in an international jump rope competition, and our own CONVICTION Step Team (pictured left), which performed at the Palace Theater during Price Chopper's Black History Month Celebration Step Off Competition in February. Both of these teams encourage their members to make healthy and responsible choices, empowering them and those they influence to lead successful lives and keep our neighborhoods safe.


ENOUGH Anti-Violence events are a positive way to highlight community public safety, including our Spring Easter Egg Hunt that took place at both Lincoln Park and Bleecker Stadium in Albany. Our hope is to spread the ENOUGH message and change our county's future for the better. And with our newly-commissioned ENOUGH Trolleys, youth from all over the city will have access to transportation to ENOUGH events.


Our end of the year Gun Buy Back drive netted close to 20 illegal guns being removed from the streets. The Gun Buy Back program has netted over 450 illegal handguns so far. Gun Buy Back drives will continue into the Summer as part of our Safe Summer Initiative.


Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

Our Office is committed to keeping communities in Albany County safe. One recent case that helped highlight our commitment to safety in our neighborhoods is P v James Hennesey.  Between May and July of 2010, Mr. Hennesey made over 200 threatening, racist phone calls to residents in and around his New Scotland Avenue neighborhood. He even called realtors to warn them not to sell or rent homes in his neighborhood to people of color. Mr. Hennesey used a spoofing website to mask his voice and even identify himself as "Ku Klux Klan" on people's caller ID's. He thought he could remain anonymous using such a tool, but an investigation by Albany Police and the FBI proved otherwise. I thank and applaud the victims for coming forward to hold Mr. Hennesey accountable and rid our neighborhoods of such a needlessly hateful disturbance. In April Hennessey was sentenced to State Prison.  We continue to work with Albany County residents through our Safe Homes-Safe Streets Initiative and are dedicated to making Albany County a safe place to live.




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