About the Crime Victims Unit

Being a victim of crime can be scary and overwhelming.  Victims are often left with a sense of chaos, and it is the goal of the Crime Victims Unit to assist victims in regaining a sense of control. The Crime Victims Unit works in conjunction with government, community-based organizations, and non-profit agencies to ensure that victims are receiving comprehensive supportive services. This collaboration works to assist victims through the criminal justice process as well as through their healing process. Victim Witness Specialists from the District Attorney’s Office assists victims of Felony level crimes in Albany County Court, while advocates from Albany County Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center (CVSVC) work in the Albany County local courts, to assist victims of misdemeanor crimes.  Collaboration with community partners helps us in our pursuit to ensure each victim is properly served.   No one deserves to be a victim of a crime and it is the goal of the Crime Victims Unit to work toward making the victim of crime feel whole again.

The input and involvement of victims are important in every case.  It is the policy of District Attorney P. David Soares that a victim's interests and concerns are presented to the court.  It is also important to the District Attorney that a victim's input is considered when determining appropriate recommendations concerning the disposition of any case.

Information and assistance available to victims include:

  • Information about Crime Victims Rights
  • Crisis intervention and emotional support
  • Referrals for financial, medical, counseling, legal, and other community-based services
  • Court accompaniment and in-court support
  • Safety planning
  • Orders of Protection
  • Victim Impact Statements
  • Property return and intervention with employers or creditors
  • Claims for victim compensation
  • Applications for inmate status notification
  • Post-disposition referral services at state and/or county correctional facilities
  • Restitution and reparation processes
  • If you are a victim and have any questions or concerns, please contact the Crime Victims Unit at (518) 694-8445.