Notification of Inmate Status and Release

Victim Inmate Notification Everyday - VINE :
Crime victims/witnesses can access offender status information such as parole, facility location, and earliest release date by calling a toll free number, 1-888-VINE-4-NY (1-888-846-3469). This number can also be used to register for notification of an inmate’s release from custody.

Offender information can also be accessed at  Victims and Victim/Witness Specialists can access this site to register for release notification.  The VINElink site allows victims to register for release notification against offenders housed in other states as well as those in New York State.  VINElink allows users to register to receive notification by both phone and e-mail.


Notification of Inmate Release from DOCS:
Victims may also register for notification of inmates that are housed in the New York State Department of Corrections. 

NYS Department of Corrections website

Inmate Lookup on DOCCS website 

Parole/DOCS Notification Form: Victim Notification of Inmate Release

*Please note that if your address changes you will need to re-register with the Department of Parole*