Education and Deterrence

This Office believes it has an absolute duty to the public to take a proactive approach in reducing the number of alcohol and drug related incidents that occur in this County. The hope is that if we are able to educate the public, tavern and bar owners, parents, and underage drinkers of (1) the dangers of drinking/drugging and driving, (2) their legal responsibilities and (3) the potential exposure/liabilities, that we will successfully deter underage persons from consuming alcohol/drugs, deter establishments and parents from serving/selling to minors or the super intoxicated persons, and overall deter individuals from getting behind the wheel after having consumed too much alcohol and/or drugs. We have already expanded our efforts in this regard as it relates to the education of tavern owners by providing, in conjunction with the State Liquor Authority and the Tavern Owners’ Association, a day long seminar as to their legal duties and responsibilities.  We have also gone into the schools to address the issue with high school students. This Office will continue to increase its efforts to reach out to schools, parent groups, and businesses and stress the dangers of underage drinking and drinking and driving.