Car Safety: Tips to Avoid Being a Victim

Not all crimes can be prevented, but here are some tips to safeguard your vehicle and its contents.

1. If you are going to leave items in your car please put them out of view so that thieves won't be tempted to break in. The majority of car break-ins are done at the spur of the moment for little things that can be grabbed quickly (GPS devices, cell phones, purses).

2. Never have your car repaired by someone you don’t know or who is not a board certified mechanic in a licensed repair shop. Con men often pose as mechanics and approach victims in public places offering to make repairs at a reduced rate for cash payment.

3. Many car thefts are crimes of opportunity and can be avoided by simply not leaving your car running while making a quick stop at the store. The minute or so it takes you to run in and buy coffee is more than enough time it takes a thief to jump in your car and drive away.