Tips for a Safe Night Out

There is absolutely no quick way to sober up. The only method is to wait until your body absorbs the alcohol in your system.  The average rate a person processes alcohol in their body is approximately one drink per hour.  This however, is only a general rule; there are many factors that slow down the absorption process requiring even more time before an individual is sober and able to drive safely. 

The best plan for a safe and fun night out is made before you ever leave the home. The possible alternative of being arrested, or worse, just is not worth it.

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1. Plan ahead.  Choose a designated driver before you leave your house to have that first drink.

2. Leave your car at home. Call a cab or have your designated driver pick you up and take you to the bar/restaurant.  Often times people who drive to their destination with the plan to take a cab home, will change their mind and decide that since they only had a few drinks, and they feel “okay to drive” they will save the cab money and drive home themselves. 

3. Never get into a car with an impaired driver, even if you think that person is the “more sober” of the group.  Even though you may be saving yourself from a DWI arrest, you are setting your friend up for one and quite possibly setting your self up to be seriously injured or killed. More often than not, in DWI crashes, the passengers are the ones who suffer the most significant injuries.

4. Never leave a bar/restaurant at night alone.  Many assaults, robberies and other crimes of opportunity occur when a person leaves a bar/restaurant alone late at night, especially when that person is impaired and/or intoxicated.