What is DWI?

Contrary to popular belief, Driving While Intoxicated is in fact a CRIME in New York State.   It is a crime where the potential penalties include: loss of driving privileges, fines, installation of ignition interlock, and imprisonment of up to one year, for a misdemeanor DWI conviction.  For felony convictions, the stakes are much higher, and a defendant can face significant prison time, up to seven years for a Class D Felony.  It is a crime that affects everyone, and is one hundred percent preventable in today‚Äôs world of public transportation, cabs, designated drivers, cell phones, etc..

When you drink alcohol, your judgment, coordination, and ability to drive a motor vehicle are affected.  The level of your impairment depends on numerous factors, including:
 *the amount of alcohol you are consuming
 *the amount of food you eat prior to or while you are drinking
 *the length of time during which you are drinking
 *the type of alcohol you are drinking
 *your body weight
 *your gender
 *whether you are also taking medication/drugs (prescription/over-the-counter/illicit)


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