Making Crime Pay

‘Making Crime Pay’ is a program designed to deter crime by depriving criminals of the profits and proceeds of their illegal activities and then use those ill-gotten gains to support law enforcement and public safety initiatives throughout the county.  Through this program, we can use assets seized from criminals to help close the gap and meet the serious needs of some of our smaller law enforcement agencies. These purchases reflect the District Attorney’s ongoing commitment to use assets seized from criminals to ensure that all those involved in law enforcement have the resources they need to get the job done.

It is the hope of this office that this positive and aggressive use of asset forfeiture funds will make a significant impact on public and Officer Safety here in Albany County.

Initiatives funded through the “Making Crime Pay” program include:

  • Purchasing Communication Radio upgrades, Patrol Rifles, and software upgrade to employ Live Scan inkless electronic fingerprinting as part of criminal background checks for Coeymans Police Department;
  • Purchasing Guns, Plate Readers and other crime fighting technologies for local law enforcement agencies;
  • OffenderWatch for every jurisdiction in Albany County;
  • Guns for Altamont and Cohoes Police Departments;
  • KevlsaVests for Coeymans and Green Island Police Departments;
  • Aircards  and an undercover vehicle for Cohoes Police Department;
  • K-9 Bullet Proof Vests for New York State Police Service Canines;
  • In-car Cameras for Cohoes Police Department;
  • Plate Reader and Evidence Tracking System for Menands Police Department;
  • Providing two way radios and flash lights to support Neighborhood Walk and Watch programs in Cohoes, Delmar, Watervliet, Van Schaick Island,  and the City of Albany;
  • Scholarships for State and Local Police for specialized training;
  • The “Bring it to the Courts” Basketball League and other ENOUGH supported Youth crime prevention initiatives
  • Continuing education for area Police Officers and prosecutors;
  • Nearly 1,000 back-packs filled with school supplies and, working with the local teachers union, APSTA, delivering them to low income families across Albany County.


The District Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring that crime never pays for those involved in illegal activities, however, we will take those resources that we can secure from criminals and use them to fund anti-crime activities that take place throughout Albany County.

Making Crime Pay 

State Police K-9 Unit Bullet-proof Vest