Investigative Unit

The Investigative Unit (IU) is the law enforcement arm of the Albany County District Attorney.  The unit is staffed by a Chief Investigator, Senior Investigator and five Investigators.  Members of the IU are Police Officers with full arrest authority, vested under Article 1.20 of the New York State Criminal Procedure Law and are registered with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services.


 Investigators in the IU have both general and specialized duties within the Office of the Albany County District Attorney.  Generally, the IU is tasked with assisting all local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies in their investigations within Albany County.  The IU provides specialized assistance in investigations of arsons, crimes against children and the elderly, sex crimes, public integrity matters, DWI and other alcohol related offenses.


Investigators work with Assistant District Attorneys in case preparation.  Locating, interviewing and managing victims/witnesses; serving subpoenas, receiving and returning trial evidence are some of the daily activities of investigators.  Defendants are arrested based on probable cause; however successful prosecution requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Investigators assist on a daily basis to bridge that gap.


Check out the images below for photos of evidence and other highlights from our Investigative Unit:

  1. Melted Clock from Arson
  2. Melted Phone from Arson
  3. Seized Weapons
  4. Fingerprint Analysis
  5. Investigator Badge