Some helpful tips to avoid being a target...

 1.  Cancel mail and newspaper delivery during your vacation or ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your newspaper and mail.

2.  Have someone house sit when you leave for a vacation.  If this is unlikely ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check on the house from time to time.

3.  Always keep all windows and doors locked.

4.  If you have sliding doors or windows place a dowel in the track of the window to further prevent its opening.

5.  Do not keep a hide-a-away key to your house anywhere near the property. (Instead consider keeping a spare key with a trusted neighbor just in case).

6.  Get timers for your lights if you plan on being away from home for an extended period of time.

7.  Do not broadcast vacations or trips away from home.

8.  Think about installing an alarm and posting alarm stickers in entry ways.

9.  If you go on vacation make sure to arrange for snow removal from driveways during the winter so as not to draw attention to no one being home.

10. Keep curtains and blinds drawn to avoid people viewing your valuables and your schedule.

11. Keep valuables in a locked safe to deter the theft of such items (jewelry, cash, stocks, bonds, etc.)

12. If you purchase a big ticket item such as a flat screen television, new computer, etc. do not leave the box in plain view for garbage pickup.