Witness Intimidation

Truth lies at the very heart of our system of justice.  In fact, the word “verdict” derives from the Latin veredictum, which literally means "to say the truth".  Finding the truth, however, is not always so simple. Courts, cops and prosecutors can’t do it alone, because they don’t always have the first hand information that they need to get the truth.  That’s where witnesses come in. 

Witnesses are often called upon to tell police and prosecutors what they saw, learned or heard, and while some may be reluctant to come forward with information –either because they are anxious or don’t want to branded a “snitch”—our system of justice cannot survive without them.  In other words, telling the truth is not “snitching”; it’s making sure that our system works.  It’s making sure that the right person is held accountable for the right crime.  On the other hand, we recognize that witnesses often feel intimated or fear reprisals for cooperating with police and prosecutors.  It is a crime to intimidate a witness. If you are a witness to a crime and have these fears, please contact our office at (518) 694-8445 to discuss options for ensuring your safety.