Public Integrity Cuts Both Ways

While the majority of Public Integrity cases involve the prosecution of public officials, there are instances where public officials can be the victims of crime.  In 2009, for example, an employee of the State Comptroller’s Office was the recipient of extortionist emails from a businessman in Boston Massachusetts demanding an award of a state contract worth tens of millions of dollars.  With the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Attorney General for the Northern District of New York and the Brookline (Massachusetts) Police Department, the Public Integrity Unit managed to trace the extortionist emails back to a Giri Sekhar of Brookline, Massachusetts, who was subsequently prosecuted and convicted in federal court. 

Prior to that, a woman who made false allegations of police misconduct was convicted by a jury in Albany County Court and sentenced to jail. The case was subsequently upheld by the Appellate Division. 


How do I make a report to the Public Integrity Unit?

Please fill out this Complaint Form and submit to our office:

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