About the Public Integrity Unit

The Public Integrity Unit is a manifestation of the Albany County District Attorney’s commitment to abide by one standard of justice for all.  No person, no matter their rank or affiliation, is above the law.  Nowhere does this principle apply more meaningfully than to our elected officials.  Endowed with the public trust, our elected officials and government employees are expected to act for the benefit of the citizens of Albany County, and not for personal profit or gain.  On the other hand, great caution must be exercised to ensure than no person suffers personal or professional disrepute because of the dissemination of baseless or unfounded allegations of criminal conduct.  For that reason, no criminal charge can be leveled unless and until supported by legally sufficient evidence.  Integrity means that criminal charges are prosecuted in the courtrooms of our state, in a manner that is fair, just and above reproach.