Crimes Investigated by the Public Integrity Unit

Public Integrity offenses are commonly thought to embrace anti-corruption crimes.  These crimes include bribery, official misconduct, receiving unlawful gratuities, and any other offense that improperly influence or seek to influence a public official’s decisions.  Public Integrity crimes can also include more traditional crimes if the crimes derive from a betrayal of the public trust.  Larceny, for example, may be an appropriate crime to level against a public official who misappropriates tax dollars for their personal benefit.  The challenge in holding officials criminally accountable, however, is that the state’s laws are either antiquated or ill-suited to address the myriad of ways in which the public trust can be breached.  The Office of the Albany County District Attorney’s has historically sought legislative action to address these issues, as evidenced in the letter DA Soares sent to then-Governor Paterson in 2009 asking for revision of the larceny statutes.  This office is committed to continual advocacy for legislative reforms that will allow law enforcement to meet the unique demands presented by crimes of public corruption.