Community Prosecution and Restorative Justice

The Office of the Albany County District Attorney has made it a top priority to implement a progressive philosophy of restorative justice. A strong and healthy community is not best served by a justice system that regards the “problem” of any criminal act to be “solved” by a conviction. Victims have suffered. Families of offenders have undergone hardships. Communities have been damaged. Costs have been incurred by taxpayers. The criminal justice process must address all of these matters with the dual goal of mitigating the damage and preventing recurrence. This is most effectively achieved through Community Prosecution.

Community Prosecution involves a long-term, proactive partnership between the prosecutor's office, law enforcement, public and private organizations, and the community. Through these partnerships, the authority of the prosecutor's office is used to solve problems, improve public safety, and enhance the quality of life of community members. This redefined approach to crime is driven by a new commitment to pursuing the priorities of the citizens themselves. The connection between the community's fear of crime and crime itself is considered to be of paramount importance. This broadened focus leads prosecutors to emphasize those cases and offenders that residents identity as high priority or as having a significant impact on the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

Alternatives to Incarceration:

Clean Slate: Felony Youth Diversion, Re-Entry, and Sealing Provisions

Community Accountability Board

Community Service

Drug Court

Veterans Court




CAB Board Members discussing a case

during a review meeting