Community Service

What is Community Service?

Community Service is an alternative to incarceration program, in which offenders are court mandated to complete community service.

How does Community Service work?
An offender’s participation must be deemed appropriate by the Judge, Assistant District Attorney and defense attorney. If approved, the offender must sign a Community Service Agreement and  immediately contact the Office of the Albany County District Attorney’s Community Justice Outreach Center (CJOC) Team to begin the process. Offenders are given a deadline in which to complete the community service.

Why Community Service?
Providing service work to the community is beneficial to the community, and the offender. The community experiences a benefit, while saving on the costs associated with incarceration of offenders, and avoiding having the work carried out by paid staff.  It is also ideally a method to educate offenders on acceptable behavior, as well as provide them with an opportunity to engage with the community in a productive manner.

Community service is set up to:
Meet the needs of the community, i.e., a local little league team field may be in need of TLC, so cs workers will be sent there to carry out their community service.
Address the nature of the offense, i.e., an individual committing the offense of littering may have to clean up a park.
Utilize their skills to benefit the community, i.e., a doctor may work with a community based health clinic.
Make amends to the community in which their crime was committed.


Please contact the Community Service program at 518-275-4736 for additional information. Local, non-profit organizations interested in becoming a community service site should fill out the Community Service Site Application and submit it via email at [email protected]