This team is sponsored by the Albany County District Attorney’s Office. It consists of 20 dedicated girls ranging from ages 13 to 18 (junior high and high school). Our purpose is to bring the young girls of Albany County together to help them master the art of Stepping and to educate them through the SMART Girls program of the Boys and Girls Clubs. Throughout the program, the girls discuss body images, nutrition, sexual education and the importance of physical activity. The program educates our girls about self esteem, peer pressure, abuse, sex, and sexually transmitted diseases. Preventing teen violence, teen pregnancy, and low self-esteem continues to be an ongoing struggle. We seek to guide the girls in becoming positive individuals as well as successful students. We work hard to keep the girls off the streets, giving them a place of comfort and a family to be a part of. We provide them with a stable environment and we work hard to create a place where they can feel loved through friendship and hope. Many of these young women struggle in life because people do not take the time to love them and give them the positive attention that a child really needs. At the beginning of our program, many of our girls barely laughed or smiled, but today they have confidence and a voice. Through our continuous hard work, these young women of Albany County will not become a statistic.

Please contact the Outreach Center at (518) 275-4735 if you have questions about Conviction.  The Office of the District Attorney will look forward to continuing this positive and productive program for the girls of Albany County. We hope that through Conviction we will be able to provide great things for the youth and future leaders of Albany County!








Program requirements:
All girls who participate in the Step program must:
- Have good attendance and passing grades in all of their classes
- Participate in the SMART Girls program before practice twice a week
- Be able to attend practice three times a week
- Be prepared with uniforms at each practice
- Be ready to travel as necessary for local and out of town performances

Registration information:
All participants must be residents of Albany County and must be enrolled in school full-time and achieving good grades. The age range is between 13 and 18 years old. An information packet with various forms (registration form, permission slips, media release forms, medical and transportation release form, SMART Girls consent form, etc) will have to be filled out and turned in to the program director before starting. In addition to being part of Conviction and SMART Girls, participants will receive a membership to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany.

Stepping and Competing:
Conviction has been performing throughout the Capital region and will continue to perform and compete throughout the school year. Traveling outside of Albany for competitions will be a fun requirement. Permission slips and parental involvement will be sought for every competition/performance.