NYPUM (National Youth Project Using Minibikes) offers the youth in Albany County an opportunity to develop self-esteem, values for daily living, and a sense of belonging using the minibike as a motivational tool.  NYPUM is a national youth program using the privilege to ride a Honda minibike as an incentive – motivating youth to make positive changes in their lives. This incentive, healthy peer relationships, and positive adult role models combine to make NYPUM a powerful tool in improving the lives of participants. Participants earn the privilege to ride minibikes by achieving specific goals in their individual contracts, including crime prevention strategies, and adhering to safety standards and rules of the program.

To provide youth with opportunities for success.
To provide a useful tool in the prevention of destructive behavior (substance abuse, truancy, curfew violations, vandalism and other delinquent behavior).
To improve behavior at home, in school, and in the community.
To teach youth how to set and achieve goals, to assume responsibility for their actions, and to understand and accept rewards and consequences.
To teach youth how to be responsible members of a team and their community.
To provide community members (schools, businesses, individuals and law enforcement) a way to work together to help their youth.

The American Honda Motor Co., Inc. continues to make donations to NYPUM with annual grants of minibikes and funding. This support allows NYPUM to administer the program nationally and expand at a rate of five new programs annually. Our expansion priority is to introduce programs to states and regions where programs presently do not exist.

NYPUM is helping youth, their families, and consequently, their communities, by teaching children how to meet the challenges of life in a way that will make them healthy, productive members of society.


Albany NYPUM Participant at Livingston Park ENOUGH Event Summer 2012


 NYPUM Photo Gallery

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