Every time one bullet finds a victim, two families must deal with the tragic consequences. One family will either spend time in a local hospital or arrange funeral services for a loved one while the other family will watch helplessly as their child is prosecuted and sent to state prison.

The citizens of Albany County have had ENOUGH – ENOUGH fear, ENOUGH bloodshed and ENOUGH death resulting from gun violence in our community.

Friends and family of homicide victims, law enforcement officials, service providers, ex-offenders, community leaders, businesses and youth must collectively, with one voice, demand that youth involved in urban warfare immediately disarm and break the 'cycle of recycled violence,' by saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

The ENOUGH Initiative is completely confidential and anonymous and was developed to achieve the goal of disarmament by giving our youth three choices:

Voluntary Surrender: Pastor Charlie Muller will continue to accept guns anonymously with no questions asked in exchange for gift certificates.
Withdrawal: Youth who have had ENOUGH of the gang lifestyle can call the hotline and be connected with experienced counselors and reformed ex-offenders who will provide information and guidance to help begin the process of leaving the violent street culture behind.
$500 Reward and Incarceration: An account has been created to reward $500 cash for responsible citizens who provide information to the ENOUGH hotline leading to the removal of a gun and the arrest of an individual in possession of that gun. All information remains anonymous on this confidential line.

The urban violence in Albany is the direct result of a proliferation of handguns on our streets and a culture of youth that is all too willing to use lethal force to settle disputes. It is time for our community to unite, and take back the streets of Albany County. The ENOUGH Initiative will provide the resources and support to make that happen.

If you have information about an illegal handgun in Albany County, please call the ENOUGH Hotline at 765-3668.