Operation Speeding Bullet

Eliminating gun violence is a priority for the Office of the Albany County District Attorney. 

Operation Speeding Bullet is a program designed to prevent defendants who used an illegal gun in the commission of a crime, or were allegedly in illegal possession of a firearm at the time of arrest, from returning right back to the streets.

Under Operation Speeding Bullet, the DA's Office will oppose bail for all defendants in illegal firearms possession or shooting related cases. We will no longer request that charged defendants waive their rights to a preliminary hearing.  Instead, our office will expedite the processing of illegal gun case files so that we can move the case up from Local Court to County Court in an accelerated manner.  Instead of offering bail, we will make an SCI offer in an attempt to hold these offenders accountable swiftly or expedite the Grand Jury process.

Operation Speeding Bullet is a program designed to get illegal firearms out of our neighborhoods, off our streets, and away from our schools.