Landlord Training

To conduct Landlord Training, the District Attorney’s Office is establishing a series of workshops on how landlords can improve the value of their properties.

It is the hope of the District Attorney’s Office that landlords would be the gatekeepers of the community. With the proper screening, we can ensure that new tenants will become an asset to the community instead of a nuisance. This training also explains the evictions process, including reasons for bringing an eviction action and service of process issues. This material is vital to commencing a successful eviction action and avoiding being dismissed on a technicality.  The DA’s Office will also be supplying packets that include sample applications, sample denial letters, sample leases and sample zero tolerance clauses, which cover criminal activity specifically and should be included in a lease.

Landlord training is a free program being offered by the District Attorney’s Office to provide landlords and tenants helpful information on tenant screening; model applications and “zero tolerance” leases; eviction assistance; and interagency cooperation. Specifically, people that attend this program will learn how to use an application process that is fair and reasonable. This presentation covers civil rights of all parties involved.  Additionally, helpful information is supplied regarding credit checks and criminal history checks.

Through the Safe Homes—Safe Streets Initiative, landlords can help themselves and the community by ridding the neighborhoods of known threats.

To become involved with or receive further information, please call the District Attorney’s Office at (518) 487-5460.