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Murder Charges in Death of 6-Week-Old Infant, Additional Person Charged in Case

Albany County District Attorney David Soares



Press Release

June 2, 2021



Murder Charges in Death 

of 6-Week-Old Infant, Additional Person


Charged in Case

ALBANY, NY - District Attorney P. David Soares announced today that ANTHONY OJEDA, 39, of Cohoes, was arraigned on an indictment alleging (1) Count of Murder in the Second Degree, a Class A-I Felony, (1) Count of Manslaughter in the Second Degree, a Class C Felony, and (1) Count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a Class A Misdemeanor, before the Honorable Roger D. McDonough in Albany County Supreme Court this morning for his role in the death of 6-week-old Eli Ojeda-Harmon.

An Albany County Grand Jury returned an indictment alleging that on December 3, 2019, at a residence on Van Vechten Street in the City of Cohoes, under circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life, OJEDA recklessly caused the death of 6-week-old baby in his care.

While under OJEDA’s care, the child allegedly ingested methamphetamine, and prompt medical care was not immediately sought for the child who was exhibiting obvious distress.

Emergency medical services were eventually called by a third party and the infant victim was pronounced deceased at an area hospital later that day.

The same Grand Jury returned a sealed indictment alleging that between October 29, 2019 and December 3, 2019, NEIL GARZON, 31, of Cohoes, committed (1) Count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a Class A Misdemeanor, when he knowingly acted in a way likely to be injurious to the physical, mental, or moral welfare of the same child.

Both OJEDA and GARZON pleaded not guilty to the alleged charges and were released under the supervision of the department of probation while the case is pending.

Assistant District Attorney Caroline Murray is handling the prosecution of this case.

For more information, please contact Cecilia Walsh at (518) 275-4710 or [email protected]

All parties are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty