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Albany County Random Acts of Kindness Art Display Unveiled

Albany County District Attorney David Soares


Press Release

June 7, 2013



Albany County Random Acts of


Kindness Art Display Unveiled



District Attorney’s Office Youth Advisory Board Collected over 700


Random Acts of Kindness examples from across Albany County







ALBANY, NY- District Attorney P. David Soares attended the public unveiling of the Albany County Random Acts of Kindness tree yesterday evening at the Empire State Plaza. The Youth Advisory Board, a group of high school students that advise the District Attorney’s office on issues effecting youth and work to develop solutions to these issues, oversaw the implementation and coordination of the County wide Random Acts of Kindness campaign.

During the Youth Advisory Board’s regular meetings, the students discussed how bullying, an issue that affects youth of all ages not only across Albany County, but across the Country as well, could be addressed in a unique way. The Board decided to address bullying in a positive light, which could work best through a Random Acts of Kindness campaign. A Random Act of Kindness is a selfless act performed by an individual or group wishing to assist, cheer up or empower another person or group.

The Youth Advisory Board believes that by acknowledging the numerous caring and over-looked ways that students everyday foster an environment in their schools that make their classmates feel accepted, valued and safe; students who are being bullied realize there are those who do care about making sure every student is treated fairly and respected.

The Board partnered with 15 elementary and middle schools from across Albany County and instructed the students to write each random act of kindness they observed a fellow student perform or received from a fellow student on a cut-out leaf. The leaves from each of the participating schools were collected and added to the Albany County Random Act of Kindness tree, which has over 700 random acts of kindness on its branches.

The Albany County tree is meant to symbolize the goal of students all across the county to ensure their classmates are able to attend school in an environment that not only doesn’t tolerate bullying, but empowers students to succeed. In addition to overseeing the Random Acts of Kindness campaign, the Board also developed an anti-bullying pledge that will be used for youth outreach programs sponsored by the District Attorney’s office.

“I am extremely pleased with the work the Youth Advisory Board has done on their Albany County Random Acts of Kindness campaign and for addressing such a serious issue that affects youth in our county. The Board members, who are students themselves, have addressed this issue in a way that students can identify with and spread its message to treat others with kindness, acceptance and respect. The number of leaves collected on the tree speaks volumes to the hard work they put in over the year and I am sincerely thankful for their participation on the Board,” commented District Attorney Soares.

“I am very impressed with all the work this dedicated group of young adults has achieved. Their Youth Advisory Board experience has positively impacted hundreds of youth in Albany County,” commented Youth Advisory Board advisor Nancy Lerner.

“Our project shows how even a simple act of kindness can create a ripple of hope. We live in a world where negativity is prominent, but we hope to let positivity shine through. This project allows that to come true and to thank those little things that inspire us all each and every day,” commented Amber Decker, a senior at Shaker High School and Youth Advisory Board member.


“It has been amazing to see a group of kids like us from all over the county come together to create something that is really meaningful and special to our community," commented Josh Kahn, a freshman from Guilderland High School and Youth Advisory Board member.


For more information please contact Justin Devendorf (518) 275-4785.